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Introducing Upright Acupuncture & Wellness LLC

Spring is here, new growth is all around and we’d like to take this opportunity to let you know about us and our new Acupuncture and

Wellness practice in Dover, New Hampshire!

Upright Acupuncture & Wellness was created to bring everything that Chinese Medicine has to offer to the Dover and Seacoast communities of New Hampshire. We (more about us in the next post!) are trained in a wide variety of Acupuncture and Massage styles as well as in Medical Qi Gong and Chinese Herbal Medicine (one of the oldest and most widely researched medical traditions in the world).

After working for years in NYC in a variety of settings including community practice, various hospital departments, a wellness center and finally our wonderful private practice, we visited Dover, NH and fell in love with the area. We are so excited to learn about you and to share what we do with our new community!

What we do?

It is our passionate belief that your best life is lived when free of pain, free of digestive complaints and respiratory issues and free of unnecessary reliance on pharmaceuticals. We would like to help you get there!

We learned a lot from our experiences in New York City treating in the hospital environment and we benefitted massively from treating the large numbers that come through an NYC community clinic, however we quickly realized we prefer spending more one-on-one time with each patient. We found that when we have the time to really delve into the roots of a problem and when we have the time to use not just acupuncture, but all the tools of Chinese Medicine like massage, herbs, cupping and moxibustion, we get better, quicker results.

We know that every person and every condition has a different “best treatment”. For some people a gentle, nourishing and relaxing approach is the quickest way to resolve the imbalances causing their discomfort. For others we want to treat strongly and from a number of different directions, treating both the symptoms and the cause of the problem at the same time to get you back out living your life. The important thing is that we change our approach to fit you, not the other way around. That is one of the main strengths of a 2000 year old medical system, we have lots of options!

We are also interested in sharing what we know. Every month we will be posting articles on various conditions that Chinese Medicine can help with, various modalities that Chinese Medicine uses that might be new to you as well as other general health subjects. Please let us know what you would like to hear about, and sign up for the article series here.


Why UPRIGHT and what’s the logo all about?:

There is a concept in Chinese philosophy and medicine illustrated by the Chinese character “zheng”. This character can be translated to mean physically upright, centrally located and in-line as well as morally upright, correct and proper. It conveys the idea that when the structure of the body systems are clear and aligned, the function of the body can be easy and unimpeded. It also describes an honorable person as one whose words and deeds align; someone who practices what they preach. For us this character acts both as a call to action and a reminder of what is important. We work to encourage alignment between all the various body systems so they can function easily and without pain and we strive to do that in a way that is clear and honest at all times.

Our logo is a development of the character zheng into an illustration of converging rivers or a plant reaching for the sun. In Chinese Medicine, the early doctors described many of the functions of the body by relating them to natural phenomenon. Converging rivers and waterways are used to illustrate the pathways of the channels we use in acupuncture. The growth of plants, with roots reaching down into the soil and leaves reaching for the sun, describes the a person needing both restful stability and energetic activity to be balanced and healthy.

Where You Can Find Us:

Office: 251 Central Ave (enter through the parking lot in the rear) Dover, NH 03820



Phone: (603) 686-8069


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May 13, 2019

The multi-discipline approach is powerful. The patient-centered care is invigorating - makes one part of the cure! Every detail is explained, every question answered - great

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