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Upright Acupuncture & Wellness

Andrew and Marielle met while studying acupuncture and hospital medicine in Beijing, China.  After returning to the US and graduating from the Master's and Doctoral programs at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City, they started working in both community-room and individual-patient clinics in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Both Marielle and Andrew gained experience studying in NYC hospitals in the Neuro/Stroke wing, the Obstetrics and Child Delivery wing and the Center for Women with Disabilities.  Wanting more time to focus on each person under their care, they left the community and group-clinic settings to focus on building a successful private practice in DUMBO, Brooklyn.  Even though they truly loved their work with their patients, both Andrew and Marielle dreamed of living outside of the city and in 2019 they made the move to Dover, NH and opened Upright Acupuncture & Wellness.  We look forward to working with you!

What makes us different:

  • Not just acupuncture: The "Four Pillars" of Chinese Medicine are Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Bodywork/Massage and QiGong.  We have post-graduate training in each of those pillars and consider them for every treatment plan.

  • Personalized care:  Every patient is treated in their own room, with their own individualized treatment plan and up to 40 mins of personal one-on-one treatment time every session.  This allows us to truly focus our attention on getting you better quickly.

  • Advanced training: We are both trained in a wide array of acupuncture techniques, allowing us to fit the session to the specific needs of each patient.  Some people respond best to gentle care and some conditions respond most quickly to a stronger approach.  The important thing is to find the right technique and treatment plan for each person.

    • learn more about the types of acupuncture we practice here.

  • Integrative care

    • We have both practiced and trained in various medical environments including hospitals, neuro-stroke units, labor& deliver wards and community health facilities.  As an essential part of this care we have integrated with the total array of other medical professions.  We speak their "language" and are up-to-date on much of the newest research.  This means that, instead of being just another person you are going to for your health, we can be a part of what you have already done and help to improve the over-all picture of your medical care.​​

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