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I have suffered from chronic upper back and shoulder pain for years. As a result of this severe discomfort, I walked bent forwards with head down.

With a blend of acupuncture and massage techniques, Marielle has been able to correct my posture and has eliminated most of the pain. My range of mobility is now near-normal. My wife said that I had grown 2 inches in height!

This was a caring but deep, intense and thoroughly professional treatment, thank you Marielle!

—  A.G.

Marielle Ceresa    L.Ac, LMT, MSTOM

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Marielle is a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist (NH & NY) who graduated from the 4 year Master's program at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. 

She uses her diverse education and experience to treat a wide range of conditions including but not limited to pain and injury, neurological issues, respiratory complaints, fertility and gynecological disorders, digestive disorders including IBS, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s as well as mood imbalance issues including anxiety and depression.

In her sessions she integrates acupuncture with medical qi gong, essential oils, gua sha, cupping, and/or massage depending on the needs and presentation of the patient.

During the 4 year masters program she completed two clinical internships: one at the Housing Works organization health clinic in Brooklyn, treating homeless and at risk populations with HIV; the second at the Initiative for Women with Disabilities at NYU Langone Medical Center where she helped women deal with the emotional and physical issues that arise from living with a disability.

Marielle received a certificate of training at the Beijing International Teaching Hospital in China where she studied and assisted in treating patients with some of Beijing’s most renowned Chinese medical doctors, and experienced first-hand the ways acupuncture is used in hospitals in China.

Marielle went on to complete a 2-year clinical apprenticeship in Master Tung Acupuncture under the supervision of her teacher Dr. Henry McCann.  This system is known for its efficiency and effectiveness treating a wide range of conditions. Tung acupuncture was a secret family lineage of medicine that was eventually opened up to the broader acupuncture and medical community in 1962 by the last heir of the Tung family. It utilizes a different system of points than the Traditional Chinese model formed after the Chinese revolution. This system is known for using fewer needles per treatment and not needling at the site of injury, both of which make the healing experience more easeful.

Keeping in line with her desire to work with specific communities Marielle was fortunate enough to join Friends of Firefighters, a not for profit organization, where she was able to treat and educate members of the FDNY (active and retired) and their families.   

Additionally Marielle incorporates over 10 years of experience with contemplative practices including meditation and yoga. Believing that one must take an active role in their own healing process, she works with each patient to develop balanced lifestyle choices around diet, exercise, stretches, mindfulness practices and stress-prevention.

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