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Massage & Bodywork

Deep Tissue &
Myofascial Release

These massage techniques focus on balancing tensions in the muscles and the connective tissue systems that regulate posture and activity.  By relaxing excess tension and aligning soft-tissue connections we regain comfort in rest and power in action.  Even though the focus is deep, most are surprised at how relaxing the sessions can be.

Kyo Jung

This traditional Korean form of manual therapy uses bolsters and assisted stretches to re-align the body's deepest postural structures.  By creating ease in these structures we allow a much greater range of motion and pain free activity.  Over time we rediscover that harmonious feeling of being "in our body" that got lost years ago.


This Japanese form of bodywork utilizes the same channel and point system as acupuncture.  Various pressing and rocking techniques invigorate and balance movement along these channels resulting in relaxed empowered muscles, calmed mind and harmonious organ function.

Circulation &
Lymphatic Massage

Using a lighter pressure and rhythmic manipulation of the superficial tissue, these techniques focus on circulating fluids, blood and lymph along the appropriate vessel systems.  By relieving pressure on veins and decreasing edema we strengthen the bodies own fluid distribution mechanisms.  A strong circulation system feeds our muscles, organs and brain and filters out all the gunk created by stress and exertion.

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