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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine possesses the most intricate system of herbal medicine in the world. Formulas are tailored to each individual and the nuances of each condition. Herbs are commonly ingested as a tea, a powder dissolved into water, or taken in pill form.


Ways to Take Your Herbs
What Does it Treat?

Herbal formulas are traditionally given in one of

three formats:

Raw Herbs:  Raw ingredients are ground in-house and combined into a formula specifically designed for you.  They are packaged into teabags that you steep overnight and drink the following day.  

Powders: The herbs are processed into a powder that you mix with water and drink.  The benefit of this is that the formula can be adjusted to better suit your case, but the processing does take away from some of the strength.

Patents/Pills:  The herbs are processed into tiny "teapills".  This is generally thought of as the easiest format, but suffers from not being customizable and not being as strong as the other formats.

With over two and a half thousand years of continued use, research and development, Chinese Herbal Medicine now treats an extremely broad range of conditions.  From digestive and respiratory illness to stress and sleep issues, from colds and flues to diabetes and symptoms arising from the treatment of cancer, there is often a herbal formula that is perfect for the case. 

Herbal Medicine is often used in conjunction with acupuncture treatments, however it is an independent medicine and can be the only method of treatment for some issues, drastically reducing the cost of treatment.

Ask your practitioner or contact us to find out if herbs are right for you.

Are Herbs Safe?
Your Treatment Plan

When taken under the supervision of a trained practitioner, Chinese Herbs have a great record of being safe to take and having few if any side-effects. 

Our herbs are all sourced from companies that independently test and verify the purity of the formula and that there are no significant levels of harmful chemicals from cultivation.  

Please let your practitioner know about all the medications and supplements you are on to avoid any interactions between your herbs and meds.

Your practitioner will take a thorough history of your condition and ask very detailed questions about your past medical history.  Many of the questions may be unique as Chinese Medicine focuses on how all of your body systems connect to each other and how they may be involved in your issues.

Your practitioner will describe the kind of imbalance that is leading to your set of issues or conditions and will suggest a treatment plan. Together you will decide on the best way to include herbs as a part of that plan.
Herbal Formulas are created to respond to your unique set of circumstances and over the course of your treatment plan your formula may change to accommodate your improving condition.

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