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Booking Appointments can be done via our Online Booking Portal 
(click the button at the top of the page)

How online booking works and some tips for best use:
- You can book a follow-up appointment up to 6 hours prior to the appointment time you are requesting.
- You can cancel and re-schedule your appointments until 24 hours prior to your appointment time by clicking on the "manage my appointment" button on the confirmation email that you were sent when your appointment was created..
- You will need to use the same email and spelling of your name as you have on your initial forms.  If you need to change any of that information, or you need to ask what it is, don't hesitate to reach out.
- We ask that you do not book appointments until you are sure that you can make them.  Of course last minute changes happen, but please don't book whole blocks of time and then cancel what you don't end up needing.  This practice prevents other people from getting the appointments that they need.
- As always, if you do not see the appointment that you are hoping for, or if there is something wrong with our system, or if it is just difficult for you to use for any reason, don't hesitate to keep using email as a way to book your appointments.

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