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Here are some images of cupping in our clinic. 

A few things to remember:  

1) Cupping will always be done lightly enough that it feels right to you.  Never more.  Most often people find the sensation pleasant and the results are often significant!

2) The marks will be darker the first time you do cupping and will be darker around the site of injury or stasis.  They will get lighter as the tissue heals, as the area is unblocked and the circulation is improved

3) The marks will last longer the first time, sometimes more than a week.  With successive treatment they will last less long and eventually will stop appearing at all.

4) The marks left by cupping are often strange to people who have not seen them before.  This means that if you have people who may be worried about you or concerned when they see the marks, please let them know ahead of time.  If you would like to refer anyone to our clinic who would like to know more please ask them contact us.

5) If you have any questions at any time, or would like to know if cupping is right for you, please contact us.

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